Jen[aka Jennifer] is "The Hunter" of the group. She's sort of a tomboy and likes to show off. She has more hunting experience than the other. Later on the show, she's the only remaining girl surrounded by Kareem, Adam, and Zac. She likes Adam and is thought to be in a relationship with him. Although they said they were just friends. She did most of the wok in the first few episodes of survive this. Her weaknesses are starting fires and the cold. She tends to be a bit mean to everyone on the show. She wasn't excited about Catarina's return in episode 8: The Swamp & didn't care whether she was here or not. She critized how much kareem's sleeping in episode 11, their shelter, and their fishing abilities. She, along with Adam reached their breaking point in episode 10: Mountain. they were tired of doing everything and complained that Zac and Kareem needed to start pulling their own weight and help them out.

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